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If you're an HIV+ Female and would like to join my Private Facebook Support Page, please send me a message through my Contact Page and I will help get you connected to the group

When I was diagnosed with HIV, there was no one in my life that could relate to my horrific bout with AIDS and what my life would now be like as an HIV+ woman.  I searched YouTube for that other woman without any luck.

This feeling of isolation drove me to make my YouTube video in hopes of finding another HIV+ female who could relate to me.  Just 3 weeks after I put out my video, there she was.  I couldn't stop crying as I read her message.  She was me, I was her.  I wrote back immediately, we understood each other, our stories were very similar.  All the way from South Africa, it felt like she was right next to me.  I was no longer alone.

A couple weeks later, another HIV+ woman contacted me from her hospital room, just 5 hours south of me in California. Still incredibly ill with her new diagnosis, we spoke on the phone for over an hour, both in tears.  She needed me, I needed her.  Something beautiful was happening.

Over the next 5 months, more HIV+ woman saw my video and contacted me.  The bonds were instant.

I kept a list of these women.  Many had experienced AIDS like myself.  They were from all over the world and they felt like a new family.  I asked them individually how they would feel about being connected through a private page on Facebook...knowing most were very private about their status, surprisingly, it was a unanimous YES from all.

On January 17, 2017, I created this group and started adding names.  They began to share their stories

and the bonds again were immediate.  We were an instant family.  Different countries, ages, skin color, religions...none of that mattered, we were sisters.  For many, it's the most open they have ever been about sharing their status.  For me and I'm sure others, the unity is sacred.  

A place to be free, no judgement. A place to share our worries, ask questions and know we all understand because we all share the same virus. It doesn't define us, but it does bond us in a way that no one can understand unless they are HIV+ positive and female.

If you are an HIV+ woman and would like to join our group, I can guarantee not only your privacy, but also a place to feel pure acceptance, love and support.

These woman are absolutely amazing and I'm incredibly honored to have them in my life and get to share this journey with them.

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